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Parents always buy toys for kids since it is so convenient. However, according to researcher, taking advantage of waste products to generate toys by parents or kids has more impact on children’s development. In the process, children not merely learn how to produce toys, but in addition foster their environmental awareness. In addition, children’s imagination and enthusiasm on art may be developed. Regional business center between city and community level business center business circle, is refers to the commercial medium concentration, better business service function, service range for wide-area type regional commercial center and concentrated area. Generally choose the level of business circle layout is clear on the regional distribution of good places, mainly provides the middle class but shopping frequency of consumer goods, service population generally set at around 200000, ensure the meet of residents in the area of shopping, dining, leisure, entertainment and business needs. Designers can use sketches to explore multiple or complex ideas without the distractions and complications of software. The same thumbnail sketches or scratch paper can be used to quickly improve and produce this idea on a computer during a mixed process. Still useful in this mix is ​​the logo design that can undermine a creative thinking process in a software learning curve. In the traditional design / computing hybrid production process can be used to release a person's creativity in page layout or image development as well. In early computer publishing, many "traditional" designers relied on computer professionals to produce their ideas from sketches without having to learn the computer skills themselves. However, this practice has become less and less common, especially after the desktop is published. Computer use and graphics software Most design courses. At the same time, many designers make use of a wealth of online tools and resources, including color selectors, fonts, paper art and tutorials. Once you get a contract from the client for designing a logo, simply make clear concerning the business principles and values. Understand the service that the company provides that you design for. A company logo will become obsolete unless you view the prospectus of an client’s business. Make yourself sure the brochure design and contents of the company that you design for.