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It is true that, for the Chinese market, they have done a lot of work. Miolo, which has opened several stores in China, has also launched an online store in China "with local conditions". And tiloni also said that online sales platforms will be a focus of their future development. , "he said," we in the online sales performance is very good, in addition to our distributors have their own web site allows consumers to buy m oro products, we are in a well-known Chinese imported wine direct purchase platforms m oro product was put on. We know that online sales are very important in China. Chinese people love online shopping, so we have done a lot of work on this." Compression ratio refers to the ratio between the total volume of the cylinder and the volume of the combustion chamber, which indicates the degree of gas compression in the cylinder when the piston moves from the lower stop to the upper stop. Compression ratio is an important parameter to measure the performance of automobile engine. Read, and strive to let the car can satisfy various age, all kinds of class from the appearance, even the different needs of various cultural background, make cars become true science and art of combining the best image, finally to achieve the most perfect state. The views of munoz and sprawus 1. The accounting income is based on the actual economic business of the enterprise, and the sales revenue obtained from selling products or providing services is deducted from the cost of actual sales revenue. These economic businesses include both external and internal transactions. Business activities with the outside world transfer the assets or liabilities of an enterprise, since it is usually a direct monetary income, so its measurement is generally accurate. The use or transfer of assets within an enterprise, as a result of a non-direct monetary balance, is usually not accurate. According to traditional accounting views, changes in market prices or expected prices are not included in the transfer of internal assets. When a transaction occurs, the price of an old asset is usually transferred to the new asset, which is the measurement of the proceeds of the transaction. The transaction method automatically deduces the process of determining income during sales or trading, as well as the cost transfer practice in accounting. Gas car