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It said the budget crunch was necessary to undermine Britain's fiscal position in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. But the fund questioned whether the fiscal sector 1. Industrial age The fund's fourth consultation underlines the enormous uncertainty facing Britain in the ambitious task of negotiating an exit from the eu. So, again, stay objective and open, don't close yourself, always be curious and curious, so that you can get motivated to keep moving forward. Strictly speaking, closing yourself out, denying someone else is the equivalent of your trading life going into the end. The key is to see what you want. Identifying your pursuit determines the direction and motivation of your study. The market is changing, the pursuit is improving, so you never stop learning. Through continuous thinking and learning again, I found any trading tools on the market and reasonable analysis method has its existence value, but there is a reasonable value, not the existence of absolute value. The market will always operate under these limited factors, but different stages affect the dominant factors of the market. If you close yourself and stick to some idea, then when the market's dominant factor is not your acceptance and understanding, you will be in a state of confusion and loss. Not learning or accepting other valuable things is equivalent to losing a lot of market opportunities and understanding the market. The market is very big, the connotation won't have big change, but the disposition and the expression way but often change. If you don't keep learning and absorbing, you will eventually be eliminated by the market, regardless of who you are. "People say 'oh, those experts', but we're seeing what we call potential risks being rolled out. This is not what the experts say, this is what the economy is showing. "