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The determination of this ratio mainly depends on the supply and demand relationship between the two sides and the competition. In general, the interest rate falls when the supply exceeds demand. Interest rates rise when demand exceeds supply. In addition, law, habit and so on also have a larger role. Marx's theory is of guiding significance to explain the question of interest rate decision under socialized production. Passenger car (no more than nine) are classified into ordinary passenger cars, active senior passenger cars, passenger cars, small passenger car, convertible, warehouse back passenger car, station wagon, multipurpose passenger vehicles, short head special passenger cars, off-road car, passenger car, etc. 11 class. Independence is more difficult in an age when cross-border spillovers of national monetary policy become powerful. These spillover effects make central Banks consider the impact of their policies on foreign and global systems. But it is difficult to pursue global goals when the central bank operates under the narrow, centralized mandate of its independence, and is close to impossible. Although interest rates are expected to rise further next year, savers should not expect higher interest rates from Banks, experts have suggested. In 2017, the blockchain enters the public eye through bifurcation, CryptoKitties and ICO. Driven by investment opportunities and media attention, traditional businesses and consumers have begun to focus on the cryptocurrency and its underlying blockchain technology.