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1. Industrial age Planning is not only the premise and criterion of organization, command and coordination, but also closely related to the management and control activities. The plan sets the data, scales and standards for various complex management activities, which not only provide direction for control, but also provide a basis for controlling activities. Experience tells us that unplanned activities are uncontrollable and uncontrollable. Because the control itself is to correct the deviation of the deviation plan, to keep the management activities consistent with the objectives. Ms lagarde said she recently to Britain and the European Union in the civil rights, Northern Ireland and financial settlement negotiations welcome breakthrough, but said, the final agreement was established to minimize the trade barriers, and to provide enough time to implement change. Is one of the more common usage refers to various enterprises independent, non-profit organization (can be legal person, also can not), and can be further divided into companies and enterprises, the latter such as partnerships, sole proprietorship enterprise, individual industrial and commercial households, etc. Interest rates have a very important impact on the exchange rate, which is the most important factor affecting the exchange rate. We know that the exchange rate is the relative price between the two countries' currencies. Like other commodity pricing mechanisms, it is determined by the supply and demand relationship in the foreign exchange market. Foreign exchange is a kind of financial asset, which people hold because it can bring the benefits of capital. The market is the economic contact method which is the basic content of Commodity Exchange. Under the condition of commodity economy, the premise of exchange generation and existence is social division of labor and commodity production. Because of the social division of labor, the different producers, respectively, engaged in the production of different products, did not meet the needs of themselves and others and exchange their respective product, so that the general labor products into commodities, make the product production is transformed into commodity production. It is under this condition that the market for goods to be exchanged to meet the needs of different producers is born. Therefore, the market is the product of the division of labor and the exchange of goods under the conditions of commodity economy. The market and commodity economy have inalienable internal relation.