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Commercial vehicles are divided into three categories: passenger cars, vans and semi-trailer tractors. The passenger bus subdivided into small passenger car, city bus, coach, tourist bus, hinged passenger bus, coach, off-road bus, private bus. Goods vehicles are subdivided into general goods vehicles, multi-purpose lorries, full trailer tractors, off-road trucks, special operations vehicles and special goods vehicles. At the same time, the company also announced that it will acquire 450,000 tons/year calcium chloride unit and 49,000 tons/year calcium chloride plant of the giant chemical group of China, with 6402, 53.1 million yuan. Xinlian chemical and plasticizing plant realized the revenue of 3251, 86.30 million yuan respectively in January and November of 2017, achieving a net profit of 97 yuan, -3.27 million yuan. The acquisition can improve the self-balancing ability of hydrogen chloride and hydrochloric acid in the company, and it is expected to guarantee the operation stability of the industrial chain after the completion of the acquisition. In just three days, the yield on the 30-year Treasury bond jumped 16 basis points, the biggest gain since December 2008. The two-year - 30-year spread widened at the fastest rate since last year's U.S. election. This week the yield curve flattens out. Is it a short adjustment or a bear market start? "If there is no allow most of the European Union oriented financial services agreement, the financial sector accounts for about 7% of GDP, but about 10% of tax revenue and 14% of the exports, may be affected by the special Britain will stay there," the report said. Value theory of the many contradictions and arguments, essentially derives from the different definitions of value, originated in the people for the different understanding of the concept of value, value, from the perspective of physics can put the theory of value based on the foundation of natural science, with a high degree of accuracy, objectivity and rationality, so that the value theory of widespread vagueness, subjectivity and ambiguity naturally are addressed. As social things all the movement and the change of value relation is in essence the motion and change, so the value theory is the foundation of social science theory, if the value theory is built on the basis of natural science, can greatly promote the fusion and unity of the social science and natural science, but also make the social science become subservient to the natural sciences.