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Mystery has his very own sort of peacocking style. He can usually be spotted wearing a furry black top hat, large goggles, black nail polish, eyeliner, and a black leather trench coat. But not everybody can pull that are off. The goal of peacocking just isn't to look ridiculous but to create an extension cord of your respective personality through carefully selected accessories and clothes which will entice women to approach you. Include neutral fat and lipid. The former is mainly for the supply of energy, the latter has important physiological functions. The basic components of lipids are fatty acids, which are essential fatty acids and non-essential fatty acids. There are three essential fatty acids: linoleic acid, linolenic acid and arachidonic acid. These three biological activities of essential fatty acids are not identical, with arachidonic acid to the maximum, linoleic acid is the second, linolenic acid for a minimum of long carbon chain fatty acids, in the brain and has a special role in the development and function of the retina. Animals lack essential fatty acids, growth retardation, appearance of skin symptoms (depilation, eczema dermatitis, scale skin and so on). It is reported that children who lack essential fatty acids have the same symptoms. But adult animals and people have difficulty producing symptoms, because there is a large amount of linoleic acid stored in the body. The deficiency of essential fatty acid can cause the change of fatty acid composition of phospholipid in cell membrane, thus affecting the function of membrane. It can also reduce the synthesis of prostaglandins. Prostaglandin precursor is 18 carbon and 20 carbon polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is suggested to measure the ratio of trienoic acid and tetraenoic acid in the blood as an indicator of the lack of essential fatty acids. This is due to the role of enzyme system in the metabolic process of fatty acids. When lack linoleic acid, linoleic acid by extending chain and the desaturation function and the amount of generated arachidonic acid is reduced, the other group of fatty acid, oleic acid metabolism strengthen, a large number of generated 20 carbon triene acid, therefore triene acid in the blood and the four acid ratio is increased. A person's essential fatty acid requirement is approximately 1 ~ 2% of the daily heat energy requirement. As urban forest, the symbol of the force is not the past deep and attractive, it seems to also coincides with the "tao", perhaps is essentially no difference between city and country, as is human bek like hard work, let nature take its course (productivity) and their own position alternately. Cities are so important to the process of human civilization. Family is the springboard from where you launch yourself on the entire world and mother/daughter relationships are key. It practically goes without saying that relations between both you and your Mum will need an effect on your own life and whether the relationship is positive or even a small challenge, this can visit the fore when you are planning your wedding event. So what are the blessings and what are the circumstances to work around when you are engaged and ready to start planning?! Buildings are artificial, fixed to the ground, have a certain existence time, and are people either for their image or objects for their space use. Also called "architecture".