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Stocks, bonds and cash/cash equivalents include the three most important asset categories. There are also other types of asset categories like property, commodities and precious metals. Each asset category has its own share of advantages and risks. Among the three important asset categories, stocks like a group promises the best rate of return while being the riskiest. Stocks are highly volatile and they are not recommended as a possible investment with an immediate financial goal. However, in the end, stocks hold the (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push();highest rate of return with all the historical average rate of return for stocks being 10 to 12 percent. 1. In 2008, a lady surgeon from Gloucestershire invested ?250,000 in the architect designed dog house on her pet Great Danes. The house came full of sheepskin-lined, temperature-controlled dog beds, an 18in-deep spa bath, a ?150,000 sound system and 52-inch plasma TV in addition to automatic dog food and filtered water dispensers. Commenting on the recent renovations, Ms Stephens said: “I am absolutely delighted with the work that has been carried out and Dortech’s customer service and professional installation has been second to none. The germ and the surrounding parts of the grains also have various enzymes that are prone to metamorphism in the process of storing cereal grains, such as conditions that are suitable for enzymes.