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Community level business part agglomeration refers to the business center, the main configuration residents daily necessities and commercial industry and service industry of commercial enterprise concentration area, meet the community residents "open the door seven matter", is the most basic business circle and city service system. The level of business circle is a level lower than the regional commercial center, primarily large and medium-sized supermarkets, there are all kinds of food and beverage, cultural activity center, community service center, the post office, bank, hairdressing hair care, bath, and replacement, etc. Various kinds of service facilities. Community-level business centers are in community-based, with less than 10% of the outside purchasing power of community level business centers. The simplest definition of design is a "purposive creative act." Next, even if it appears the culture is extremely relaxed, make certain your dressing tells others which you treat the interview seriously and you are dressing for the job you want to get up to, not the work you're interviewing for. If you might be interviewing to have an aside position but eventually wish to be a manager, dress as you happen to be interviewing for any manager position. Jeans are invariably not inside dress codes for interview. Nutrition refers to the process by which the body takes food from the outside world and USES the nutrients it contains to sustain life activities. Nutrients are an active ingredient in food. The body is connected to the environment by ingestion of food, and the effective utilization of nutrients is used to maintain the stability of its structure and internal environment.